After Paradise

"It´s gone. It was there as long as I've been a New Yorker, but, now it's gone. [chime]

I wanted to check myself into an insane asylum, today. I can´t stop the nightmares or the daymares. I am on a plane, wrestling the highjackers to the floor. I am Superdad, saving all the children of the earth. I have dream-variations on this theme, ten to fifteen times, each day. I have been slashed with box-cutters, but I cannot be stoped. I will fly the plane to newark, and land it, ever so smothly. I will get a standing ovation from all passengers. Even the highjackers are impressed. I refuse to give my name. I am the Anonymous Superdad, a quiet hero."

Israel Horovitz
'3 Weeks After Paradise', 2001


Depois do Paraíso

"I lie awake for hours, later, thinking about this loss of Paradise. When I finally fall asleep, I have the dream."

Israel Horovitz
'3 Weeks After Paradise', 2001
Portuguese/European Premiere
Teatro Plástico, Porto 2001
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