Project L

Project L II is the second part of Teatro Plastico’s current icons cycle, a video installation art work directed by Teatro Plástico's artistic director Francisco Alves and centred on Sophia Loren as a major XX century icon.

This work-in-progress in different parts, to be presented during 2010 in hotels around the world, questions the visual and exhibitionistic nature of contemporary society confronting theatre as an ephemeral live art form with the artificial and repetitive quality of image and presents the 'movie star' as a central metaphor for contemporary narcissistic and autophagic consumer society.

Project L - Lux is part of a global research work on the concepts of space and the new nomadic contemporary societies and highlights the new and central role of the hotel in a moving and increasingly global culture were the important and once rigid concepts of home, residence and national and cultural identity are rapidly changing.

Direction: Francisco Alves | Editing: Tiago Afonso | Design: Tiago Morgado | Photography: Inês d’Orey | Production: Teatro Plástico

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  1. Sempre bom passsar por aqui e ficar atualizado.
    Deixo um abraço e aproveito para noticiar que os espaços Clown.Comico e Clown e Linguagem agora estão juntos. Ajudem a divulgar: http://www.clown.comico.nom.br

  2. @harness: Sim, temos. Pode enviar um email com o seu contacto para teatroplastico@gmail.com para a passar a receber.


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